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Legal help for victims of pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents can cause extensive damage to victims and their families. In a California community north of the Indio area, a 70-year old man was struck and killed by a box truck. The pedestrian victim was walking in the roadway as the box truck was being backed up by its 53-year old driver who subsequently hit the pedestrian victim and killed him. The pedestrian victim was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering fatal injuries in the fatal pedestrian accident.

Legal protections for pedestrian accident victims

Pedestrian accidents can cause lasting damage to the lives of victims as they struggle to cope with the physical, financial and emotional damages they face following a pedestrian accident. Fortunately, personal injury legal options as available to protect victims of pedestrian accidents and can help them recover compensation for the physical, financial and emotional harm they have suffered.

Legal resources for victims of pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents can cause significant harm to victims which can last a lifetime. As a result, victims of pedestrian accidents should be familiar with the legal resources available to them when they have been harmed. Different legal options and remedies are available and pedestrian accident victims should know what they are.

Legal options for victims of construction accidents

Pedestrian accidents can be devastating for victims and their families. A recent pedestrian accident in the Southern California area left two women in critical condition. The two victims were taken to a local hospital following the auto-pedestrian accident and were listed in critical condition following the accident.

Help for victims of pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians can be in a particularly vulnerable position when they are hit and injured by a passenger vehicle or other motor vehicle. Pedestrians can be seriously injured in pedestrians versus auto accidents. Important personal injury protections are available to victims of pedestrian accidents and wrongful death damages are also available surviving family members of pedestrian accidents.

Legal help for victims of pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents can result in serious and potentially fatal accidents and injuries to victims. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that close to 5,000 pedestrian accident victims die annually in pedestrian versus car accidents and that around 76,000 pedestrian accident victims suffered injuries in car accidents during 2012. Pedestrian accidents can harm pedestrian accident victims in an especially vulnerable position.

Pedestrian critically injured in California by distracted driver

This month is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, highlighting the dangers and risks of distracted driving. Recently, a pedestrian accident in Northern California left a victim critically injured and authorities blamed distracted driving for the pedestrian accident. It was reported that the distracted driver did not see the pedestrian victim until after they had already hit them.

What is a motorist's duty to pedestrians in a crosswalk?

While the rest of the country is stuck in the grasp of winter's bitter cold, people in Indio are fortunate that the mild weather in their area allows them to enjoy going outdoors on a regular basis. For some people, this may be as simple as a daily walk. Whether they are doing it for exercise or as a cheaper and environmentally-friendly alternative to driving, pedestrians in California can benefit greatly from walking.

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