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What does an OSHA investigation include?

There are important rights for workers to be familiar with including the right to a safe workplace. Employers have a duty to provide a workplace free from hazards that are recognized and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may investigate a workplace accident. There are also important protections for workers that they should be familiar with.

Injured workers must be familiar with all of the legal protections and options available to them when they have suffered harm, including protections provided by an OSHA investigation. When there is a hazard that is not being remedied, and the employer fails to correct it, the worker should submit a written complaint. If OSHA determines that there are reasonable grounds for believing that there is a danger to workers or that a violation exists, it will conduct an inspection.

A representative for the worker has the right to be present during the OSHA inspection. The representative must be chosen either by the employees or the union but not by the employer. The OSHA inspection may include an inspection of the entire workplace or may be limited to certain areas. Following the inspection, the inspector for OSHA will meet with both the employer and the employee's representative to discuss abatement of any hazards that were identified during the inspection process.

There are a variety of protections in place to keep workers safe in their workplaces which includes workplace safety requirements and workers' compensation. Workers' compensation benefits can help when workers have been injured and can provide relief for the medical expenses and lost earnings they face. 

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