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Understanding repetitive stress injuries

Repetitive stress injuries can be painful and disruptive to the daily and work lives of sufferers. Workers who are suffering from a repetitive stress injury should know what they these injuries entail and the protections available to them when harmed.

The most common repetitive stress injury is tendonitis which is inflammation of any of the many tendons in the hand. There are many tendons, nerves, muscles and bones in the hands. Other examples of repetitive stress injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis. Repetitive stress injuries can be painful and disabling for the sufferer. Symptoms of repetitive stress injuries can include swelling, tingling, numbness, stiffness, weakness and sensitivity to cold or heat.

It is important to seek help with a repetitive stress injury before the pain and loss of function are severe. Repetitive stress injuries can occur at work and can be caused by computer use and other work-related activities as well. Repetitive stress injuries are treated with rest, icing, splinting, elevation and anti-inflammatory medication.

Because recovering from a repetitive stress injury can involve time away from work, injured workers suffering from them should be aware of how workers' compensation benefits can help them. Workers' compensation benefits are designed as an important protection for injured workers to help with their medical expenses and lost earnings and are something injured workers should be familiar with.

However, the process of applying for workers' compensation benefits is not always easy. Actually recovering the full amount of benefits you need to cope with your injuries and recovery is even harder. It can be crucial to have help from an attorney with experience in workers' compensation law.

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