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February 2018 Archives

California trucking regulations aim to reduce truck accidents

While some people in Indio do not mind driving on the interstate, others may find the experience to be nerve-wracking. For example, congested traffic due to construction or an accident can make people late to their destination. People driving on interstates may encounter people weaving through lanes of traffic, people driving dangerously fast or people tailgating. These incidents are made all the more serious when they involve a semi-truck. This is because, due to the size and weight of a semi-truck compared to a standard motor vehicle, truck accidents can be highly dangerous affairs. For this reason, truckers are required to follow regulations set by the state, in an effort to prevent truck accidents.

What types benefits are offered through workers' compensation?

When a person in California is injured or made ill while on the job, their primary concern may be regaining their health, so they can go back to work. Unfortunately, a workplace injury can cause a person to incur numerous expense. This is significant, as a person who was injured or made ill through no fault of their own should not have to face the additional stressors of being unable to pay their bills or even afford their basic living expenses.

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