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January 2018 Archives

Federal rules aim to prevent truck driver fatigue

While no one can deny that the use of semi-trucks is important to many businesses in California, it still isn't always easy to share the road with them. Semi-trucks are incredibly large and heavy, and they take special training to operate. When it comes to an accident between 80,000 pound semi-truck and a standard 2,000 pound automobile, the automobile stands no chance.

What is a motorist's duty to pedestrians in a crosswalk?

While the rest of the country is stuck in the grasp of winter's bitter cold, people in Indio are fortunate that the mild weather in their area allows them to enjoy going outdoors on a regular basis. For some people, this may be as simple as a daily walk. Whether they are doing it for exercise or as a cheaper and environmentally-friendly alternative to driving, pedestrians in California can benefit greatly from walking.

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