Fighting For Justice On Behalf Of Your Loved One

When someone dies as a result of another person's actions, there are two systems in place to help you find justice: civil and criminal. Taking action under the civil system involves filing a wrongful death claim so surviving family members can be justly compensated for their loss.

At the Law Offices of L. Ciro Sapetto, while we can't send those responsible to jail, we can get you as much justice as possible through the civil system.

Giving You As Much Closure As Possible

Even when someone is found innocent of committing a crime, they may still be held liable in a wrongful death suit. We passionately stand up for family members so they can get as much closure as possible following their loss. Our goal is to take care of the financial and legal challenges following your loss — so you can focus on the grieving process.

What Can You Recover In A Wrongful Death Case?

California laws are fairly specific when it comes to wrongful death claims. First, only certain people are able to file a claim: generally speaking, the deceased person's surviving spouse, domestic partner, children or grandchildren. In some instances, other family members and dependent minors can also present a claim.

The law also outlines what kinds of benefits you are able to receive. Our attorneys work tirelessly to secure you compensation for losses such as:

  • Expenses for medical care for the deceased before their death
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • The financial support they would have provided
  • Compensation for loss of their care, comfort, love and companionship
  • Compensation for the loss of their services

While this is hardly enough to compensate you for the loss of your loved one, it can ease much of the financial burden following their death. Our personal injury lawyers understand what is at stake, and work closely with you to put you at ease throughout the process. You won't be passed to a paralegal or associate, we are personally invested in your case.

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