Serious Representation For Serious Trucking Accidents

Though similar to accidents involving cars and other smaller vehicles, truck accidents have increased potential for serious injuries, and could involve a much more intensive process to get you compensation.

The Law Offices of L. Ciro Sapetto has represented truck accident victims for over 40 years with offices in both the San Gabriel Valley and the Coachella Valley to serve you. Our personal injury lawyers work directly with clients to secure them every last penny they need to recover. You'll never be passed onto an associate or paralegal like at other firms. We can secure you compensation for expenses such as:

  • Medical treatment
  • Property damage
  • Long-term care and rehabilitation
  • Temporary or permanent disabilities
  • Lost wages
  • Future loss of income
  • The wrongful death of a loved one

Now more than ever, you need an attorney with experience to make sure you're protected throughout the legal process. And we never settle for less than what we think you deserve.

Don't Wait To Contact An Attorney

While no automobile accident victim should wait to get started on their case, it is even more important to get started early for truck accidents. These accidents could require extensive on-site investigations to determine what compensation you could receive, and we want to dedicate the full time necessary to getting you the best results we can for your case.

There is no risk to get started with our attorneys. Call either our Indio or El Monte office to schedule a free initial consultation, or email us to set up your appointment.