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Automobile accidents are among the leading causes of serious injury and death in our country. Whether you're involved in a car crash, trucking accident, motorcycle accident or other form of motor vehicle accident, you need a skilled attorney to help you recover every penny you deserve for your injuries.

At the Law Offices of L. Ciro Sapetto, we stand up for automobile accident victims across Southern California. With over 40 years of experience, we work personally with every client to get the results they desperately need.

What To Do After You've Been In A Car Accident

After you're involved an automobile accident (or are injured as a pedestrian), you may feel scared and overwhelmed. Many people make mistakes in the wake of the moment that lower the compensation they are eligible to receive later in the process. Make sure you follow these tips after you are in an accident:

  • Seek medical treatment. Waiting to seek treatment can actually hurt your case, and lower your settlement or verdict. For your own health and for the sake of your case, seek complete and reasonable medical treatment now and worry about the bills later.
  • Don't talk to the other party's insurance company. Claims agents will always try to get you to admit fault, so they can pay out as little as possible to you. Don't speak to the other person's insurance company until you have an attorney by your side to protect your rights.
  • Keep all relevant documentation. Your medical bills and other important paperwork is what will determine how much compensation you are eligible to receive. Make sure you keep copies of everything related to your accident.
  • Consult in an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you get started, the more time we have to investigate the scene of your accident and interview witnesses. This is particularly important for truck accident victims, where early investigation can uncover evidence that is critical to proving your case.

Speak to our personal injury lawyers during a free initial consultation for more information and first steps. Every accident is unique, and we are committed to standing up for every accident victim in California.

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